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Mango Chamomile ‘Sago’ Smoothie

To follow up from our learn through play for Letter M, I decided to incorporate the sense of taste into the entire learning experience. Macaron is sugar loaded, can’t eat mama, and we are not going to eat a mouse nor a monkey. I list out a list of foods that start with M mentally:… Continue reading Mango Chamomile ‘Sago’ Smoothie

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Daddy’s Idea of Sensory Play: Baking Cheesecake

I am very thankful for a husband who supports me in this challenging art of parenting. As much he let me plan the sensory play freely, it was very heartwarming to have him suggest a sensory play for our little friend. He is the more practical one and suggested baking an actual lemon cheesecake together. Yes… Continue reading Daddy’s Idea of Sensory Play: Baking Cheesecake